About the Doctor

David Lytch DCThe following is what influenced me to become a Chiropractor:

I decided I wanted to be a Chiropractor at the age of 9.  When my Dad went to the Chiropractor, he would take me with him.  Once I experienced Chiropractic care and realized how helpful it was, I thought I would like to be a Chiropractor.

My Dad tells the reason he started going to the Chiropractor;  "In 1949, I stepped off a flat bed truck carrying a 50 lb. bag of fertilizer on my shoulder.  When I lost my balance and quickly turned my body to keep from falling, I immediately felt that I hurt my low back.  I saw a doctor and he tried to immobilize my back by taping my torso with white tape and recommended over the counter pain medication.  My condition continued to get worse until I could barely walk or drive my manual clutch operated car."

"One day when I was in the bank, I ran into one of my customers.  He observed my discomfort, bent over posture and the scuffle of my feet to walk.  He insisted that I allow him to take me to visit his Chiropractor.  After my first adjustment, I was corrected to normal posture, walking and driving.  This was my first Chiropractic adjustment and I have continued Chiropractic care and still maintain regular Chiropractic check ups."

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