How Long Will It Take?

The healing process always takes time. Depending upon the individual, the time required will vary. Children typically respond very quickly, while adults with more advanced problems will need more time. Your healing will depend upon your unique case history, age, health and ATTITUDE.

Chiropractic care can be divided into three states. Continuing through all phases ensures that you gain the maximum benefit of Gonstead chiropractic has to offer.

Intensive Care

A chronic (long-standing) or acute (recent) subluxation(s) has led to damage which is likely causing symptoms of pain and malfunction. This may be the first or one of many episodes. Visits are frequent in this state, and the aim is to gain relief from your most obvious symptoms.

Corrective Care

This stage marks the time for a decision. The symptoms have settled. Do you discontinue care and risk a complete relapse with another round of the intensive care or continue with correcting the problem and increasing the structural stability of your spine.

Wellness Care

Your spine now shows a state of increased stability, strength and flexibility. This stage involves periodic spinal checkups to maintain your new improved level of health. Like eating right, regular exercise and brushing your teeth, maintaining the integrity of your spine and nervous system makes sense.