Testimonials (from Chiropractic Patients):

"My head hurt and I had constant pain in my back, arms and legs.  After having a number of tests, including MRI's and xrays, the doctor finally diagnosed me with arthritis.  In fact, I went to four more doctors and they all said the same thing and gave no hope but to say I would have to learn to live with it and recommended over the counter medication.  After a period of taking pain medication, I decided there had to be a better way to overcome this pain."

"A friend, who had hurt his head and neck from a fall, told me about his Chiropractor and how much he was improving.  I made an appointment with my friends' Chiropractor and began care.  After several weeks, I began reducing my pain medication.  After several months of this Chiropractors' care, I was completely off the pain medication and had no more pain."

"Ten years after this event, I am no longer under the stress of the diagnosis of arthritis and I am still without any pain.  After thinking about what could have caused the condition, I have determined that during that time in my life I was under an extreme amount of physical, mental, and emotional stress because my husband had just retired and we recently relocated.  I am convinced that I was over stressed because of the many changes in our lives and over the exertion of redecorating our new home."